XT Golden Eye® software is one of the most modern and trending technology available in the trading industry. It is the product of quality research, in-depth knowledge and proper implementation.


With close to $4 Trillion daily turnover, the global market is certainly a rock solid platform to invest and earn. But it is not as easy as it seems unless you have the modern technology and well focused guidance. Betterment of the market knowledge comes with innovation and XT Golden Eye® Software helps investor reach their full potential to grow and earn. The real time data trusted market indicators are the best experiences that one can get from the xperts software. There are scores of advantages of using the XT Golden Eye®, especially the easy to use feature and generation of market matrix.


It uses the most understandable and user friendly tools to manage the trading. The most important and significant features are listed below.

  • Charts are always easy to understand, and the software prepares charts for price pattern and market trend.
  • All the detailed features like Head and Shoulder, Double Reversal Patterns, Technical Indicators, are easily understood from the software. It also simplifies to look up the moving averages, lines of support, channels and trending and also the resistance according to the market.
  • Transformation of price and other data like up and down of market and mathematical calculations are done by the software itself. These are all market indicators including advantage data and decline data which can easily displayed by the high quality XT Golden Eye® Software.
  • There are as many as 26 strategies in built in the software. So, you will always have an upper hand in trading strategies.
  • The XT Golden Eye® has the capability to show the PIVOT point. Along with it also populates the different kind of resistance in the market.
  • It also provides the support in Live Market.
  • FIBONACCI is one of the most advantageous features present in XT Golden Eye®. It can work on 89 days moving average by the virtue of the feature
  • The credibility of XT Golden Eye® further increases with the wisdom features of it. It helps you to understand where to enter the market and where to exit. This is a great boost for the investors and traders.
  • In addition to it, XT Golden eye® gives you idea about where to keep the loss and where to keep the profit with the help of differential support and resistance level.
  • There is no need of any other software or data feed once you start using XT Golden Eye®. It covers all segments and all aspects of the market with large coverage. The signal accuracy is more than 90% provided you have followed the parameters properly.


However, this is not all from XT Golden Eye®, as it can also help you in market assessment. It is to understand that whether any particular asset is currently trending and it also provides the future direction of the prospective of the particular asset. The forecasting of market is another significant advantage of the software that no other software does with an equal amount of efficiency. Histogram of XT Golden Eye® further simplifies the process of overbought and oversold conditions in the market. XT Golden Eye® software has been made to make the trading easy and comfortable. With 24*7 services and complete transparency, it has made trading relatively easier. Apart from it, the XT Golden Eye® can help you in other segment of markets as well like INTRADAY, SHORT TERM TRADE, LONG TERM POSITIONAL TRADE, BTST, STBT etc.

Basic Pack 1.0

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Advance 3.0

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  • You can pay once and use our Software forever.
  • Included all of our indicators
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