Xperts Trade is a reputed multi business organization and a wholesaler/distributor of Financial market software's. Xperts Trade offers Distributor/Re-seller/Franchisee opportunities in Financial products.

Mr Sharad Kamra, a visionary founded it in the year 2012. Over the years Xperts Trade have created a niche for themselves in highly competitive markets like USA, Singapore, UAE & India.An offshoot of an IT company, our core team consists of educationists, engineers and marketing experts ensuring robust financial software products, in depth information and analysis on financial fundamentals, research on news feeds affecting the financial markets and technical analysis.

"XT Golden Eye®" our technical analysis software provides an amazingly high accuracy of about 95 % on a real time basis in your Buy/Sell trading decisions. This market analysis tool works towards minimizing your risk in the highly volatile financial markets.Trading cafe a novel concept was launched recently which existed only in the USA previously.

You may also engage with Xperts Trade as a National/International Franchisee/ Distributor. We currently have an enthusiastic network of Re-sellers in India and around the world.Financial software's franchisee opportunities or education Products in financial markets - you name & we have it. Come join us in an exciting journey in the dynamic world of financial Trading Software's.

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