Partnership with Xperts Trade

Xperts Trade have partnered with several potential franchises and business partners to expand the enriched quality of trading across the country. We encourage interested people to go through our process, culture, vision and also the working norms. We believe that partners in business are those who share a similar kind of views on particular business idea or work ethics. We already have many existing branches at various locations in India. Interested people can also contact the franchises to understand the first hand impression of the Xperts Trade.

Process of Business Partner/Franchise

  • Ground Level Research
  • Interested Partner carry out all the Xperts Tradeground level research and decides to apply for the Xperts Tradefranchise of the Xperts Trade.

  • Fill the Form
  • The Partner downloads the form from the website and sends to Xperts Trade Headquarters after filling it up. Partner can mail it to [email protected]

  • Application for Xperts Trade
  • The Partner’s application gets reviewed by the representative of the Xperts Trade. The Partner gets a call within 48 hours of time frame or more, from the representative to understand you as a Business Partner of Xperts Trade. The telephonic call might take some time due to the high number of applications for franchise.

  • Personal and Territorial Research Form
  • The Partner receives a Personal and Territorial Research Form the representative. The Partner needs to send the form after filling it with full research which also explains the potential of the business in the concerned region.

  • First Meeting
  • After analysing the form and understanding the business proposal, the Partner will be called for First Meeting. The meeting is considered as the most important step for the business. All the business opportunities and process are discussed between the Partner and Xperts Trade.

  • Letter of Interest
  • Once Xperts Trade goes through the screening process for understanding the Partner, the next phase starts. The Partner is asked to sign Letter of Interest (LOI).

  • The Final Approval
  • The Partner is generally given the Final Approval for the Franchise of Xperts Trade after 3 days of the screening process. After this, the Partner submits a solid business plan for the next three years.

  • Franchise Location
  • Partner needs to select the location for the franchise and the representative visits the location to satisfy the norms and criteria of Xperts Trade.

  • Franchise Agreement
  • The Partner signs the Franchise Agreement and then becomes the integral part of the Xperts Trade Family.

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